How to build a storyful brand in five steps

We believe all brands can be storyful. Most just need help identifying the right stories, crafting them, and bringing them to life in their brand positioning, identity and content. Here are five steps to building a storyful brand. We can help you with one, some or all of them.

01. Story Mining

During the Story Mining process we immerse ourselves in your world and start our diagnosis by uncovering the interesting stuff: the deep ideas and the stories that will become the foundation on which your brand grows.

02. Story Crafting

Next we develop a compelling strategy, brand positioning and narrative. We help you define your voice and create supporting messaging, a visual identity and design language. Visual and verbal storytelling combine here, with story-led design creating a baseplate for all visual expressions of the brand.

03. Storytelling

Now it’s time to bring your story to life. So we move quickly into the production phase, working with you on your website, videos, brand collateral, and all kinds of sales and marketing content – all built on a strong foundation of brand narrative, visual identity and content strategy.

04. Story Scaling

With your brand positioning and core messaging nailed, and your first content campaigns running, it’s time to scale your efforts. Here’s where we can add new campaigns and formats into the mix, and tailor your stories to your most strategic audiences.

05. Story Evolving

Brand stories aren’t static. Your messaging must adapt to stay relevant and impactful as your audience’s world changes. You’ll need to listen, learn and optimise your ideas and stories, while staying true to your growing brand. We’ll help you to keep evolving.

The story beneath the story

Stories are where we play, and storyful brands are our sandbox. But stories are just the outward expression of what sets us apart. Our real difference goes deeper.

Deep ideas

In B2B tech, depth is not a competitive advantage – it’s a competitive imperative. It takes a certain type of mind and a certain type of approach to dig deeper and find the substance beneath the story. Not every agency can do it. In fact, very few do it well.

That’s why our thinking – our strategic offer to clients – is founded on what we call deep ideas. It reflects our approach and our values. Build the foundations before you blow the fanfare. Find your story’s substance and its style will naturally follow.

It’s the reason we’re better than most at building storyful brands, combining logic with creativity, and telling stories that take root in the minds of B2B buyers.

A how-to guide for building storyful brands

So the five steps make sense in a process-y kind of way. But what about the nuts and bolts of building a storyful brand? We’ve got a free guide that gives you exactly that.

Learn how to build a storyful brand by B2B Tech Agency Beneath