A content library for a SaaS platform launch

A content library for a SaaS platform launch

What we did

Positioning and branding


Indigo by OpenMarket

Before being bought by Infobip (now a Beneath customer), OpenMarket was a mobile messaging megabrand – particularly in its core US market. In the Beneath case study over here, we talked about how we helped OpenMarket create a new brand and story for its messaging platform, Indigo. But such a significant platform launch required a library of content too…

Collage of brand photography for the content library of OpenMarket by B2B Tech agency Beneath

Inspiring and educating

Working closely with the OpenMarket marketing team, we were tasked with creating a content program that would help raise awareness of Indigo, educate customers, partners and prospects about its value – and, ultimately, convert them into Indigo users.

Targeted messaging

All the launch content was build on a foundation of messaging developed as part of the Indigo positioning and brand strategy work. However, nuanced stories had to be delivered to different audiences, depending on whether they were partners or key target verticals

Collection of content materials for OpenMarket by B2B Tech agency Beneath

Sub-brands and sub-categories

Four key solutions formed the Indigo multi-channel messaging platform – Connect, Exchange, Insights and Create. Both Connect and Exchange were in early development. So we focused on raising awareness and educating our audience about the benefits of Create and Insights.

Landing page and website design for OpenMarket by B2B Tech agency Beneath

Introducing Branded Messaging

We also needed to generate interest in the various messaging channels Infobip was supporting. One particularOpenMarket messaging solution, called Branded Messaging, was a key attraction.

Asset creation and content roll for OpenMarket by B2B Tech agency Beneath

Content economics

Setting out the value of an extensive SaaS offering, to different audiences with different needs requires a meticulous content management process is needed (especially when time and budget are in short supply). Focusing on content creation economies of scale, and content atomisation, is everything. In three months, OpenMarket had a library of videos, social ads, emails, web pages, infographics, webinars, ebooks, Q&As, and datasheets to help move prospects down the sales funnel.

Collection of landing pages, ebook and digital content for OpenMarket by B2B Tech agency Beneath

A new story begins…

That’s not quite the end of the story. Six months after Indigo was launched, OpenMarket was bought by an even bigger fish in the interactions space – Infobip. (Now also a Beneath customer, but that’s another story…)

“I would recommend Beneath to any business-to-business technology company. Their understanding of OpenMarket’s technology and proposition, their B2B marketing knowledge, and their friendly, collaborative approach makes them a fantastic partner. They always went the extra mile to help me and my small team. Their strategic input was invaluable and the work they delivered always of the highest standard.”

— Tracey Milham. Global Marketing Leader, OpenMarket.