How to build a storyful B2B brand

Turn story into your competitive advantage – and realise your brand potential


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Storytelling can be your strategic superpower

Storyful brands tell compelling, coherent, convincing stories that set a course for growth, stand up to buyer scrutiny and win the hearts and minds of stakeholders – from investors, to employees, to analysts.

This guide tells you how to become a storyful B2B brand, and reap the tangible rewards.

Read the guide to learn:

1 ___

The business case for building a storyful brand

2 ___

The often-misunderstood terms: from vision, to strategy, to positioning

3 ___

Perspectives from B2B technology leaders on brand storytelling

4 ___

How story-led design can lift your brand

5 ___

A 5-step process for building a storyful brand

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