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  • BrandPositioning and branding

    Does your business have a brand positioning? That’s a trick question – the answer’s always yes. Even if you’ve never actually spent any time deliberately cultivating a positioning, you’ve got one. It exists in the mind of the beholder (read: buyer) and whether you like it or not they’re coming to some serious conclusions about your business right now.

    The only way to take control of that process is to work hard at creating a brand positioning that answers the important questions. Like what do you believe that others don’t? Who or what are you really competing against? What makes your business the perfect match for this customer and the worst for that one?

    When you think hard about these questions (and plenty more) you can start to build a clear, compelling, credible story – and then find creative ways to tell it. Without a strong positioning, your marketing will pull you in a hundred directions. With it, you’ll have all your ducks on the same page and everything else will be a hundred times better (and easier).

  • DesignDesign

    Whether you need a whole new brand, a bit of a refresh, or design support across digital and print campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

    We’ve created whole visual identities for B2B tech brands, products and campaigns, and we know the best design works hand-in-hand with brand positioning and strategy.

  • SalesSales enablement

    So you’ve got a great positioning and you’ve created lots of great marketing content. The CMO loves it. Happy days! But your salespeople? They missed the memo. They’re not using the content and, worse, they’re all telling bastardised versions of the perfect story you worked so hard to craft. It happens all the time and it means your work was largely in vain (sorry about that).

    We’ll make sure your sales teams are kept in the loop and equipped with the materials they need to close better deals faster. We won’t just show them the work at the end of the day – we’ll involve them from the start, listening and learning from their direct experience with prospects and customers.

    No more vanity Powerpoints gathering dust on your server shelves. Build a sales enablement strategy and make sure the right people can put your marketing to work. We’ll help.

  • MarketingContent marketing

    Ah, ‘content’… It means everything and nothing. Good content marketing is just the stuff of good marketing. But in our little B2B tech content marketing corner it usually means creating something insightful, informative and maybe even a little bit inspirational – all while helping somebody get better at their job.

    We’ll plan a content strategy that brings your brand positioning to life. Over many a Zoom meeting (and maybe even a few IRL), we’ll get under your skin and learn everything we need to know.

    Then we’ll write, design, produce, develop and create all manner of content that your target audience actually wants to consume. Basically we’ll productise the expertise lying dormant within your business, and use it to feed your sales and marketing machine.

  • DigitalDigital experience

    Guess what? B2B marketing went digital. So you’re going to need a beautiful site (many B2B brands haven’t got the memo on that one yet) and digital experiences that pique the interest of the very particular group of people that buy stuff from you.

    You’ll need a team of digital designers, writers, UX people, content producers, SEO-ers and developers to work in each other’s pockets for a little while. Yes, you can take the fast and dirty route nowadays. But if you want a digital hub that sets your B2B business up for measurable success, please do it properly.

    Is your site already in place – sitting pretty and “future-proofed”? Brilliant. But there’s always work that needs to be done to create even better digital experiences for your audience. We can help.

Don’t know where to start? Neither will we until we get to know you and your company a little better

Sometimes Beneath acts as a plug-in marketing agency for tech scale-ups. Sometimes we support B2B giants with global campaigns. 

Whatever you need, let us send you a Zoom link and we can work out if we’re right for each other. Hit us up on the link below.

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