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Does the world really need another B2B marketing agency?

By Beneath

It’s a question we asked ourselves at least twice during the process of launching a B2B marketing agency into a world you’d be hard-pushed to call lacking in such.

At the risk of breaking Betteridge’s law, I’m going to answer it with a resounding… “It depends”.

…It depends on who you are.

Are you me or my co-founder?

That is, do you find yourself with a narrow-but-deep skillset, an entrepreneurial bent and a very vested interest in an affirmative response?

Then it’s an unsurprising “Yes, the world certainly does need another B2B marketing agency.”

Are you, on the other hand, one of the many outfits already gracing the advertorial pages of the B2B Marketing Agency Benchmarking Report?

That is, would you welcome a bit of unhealthy competition after what might have been an annus horribilis for your business?

I won’t begrudge you a “No thanks.” 

Are you, on the other other hand, a B2B technology business?

Are you looking for the marketing agency equivalent of a great big huff of grade-A fresh air?

Are you interested in working with experienced marketers who’ve done the rounds in-house and at the best agencies and realised there may be a better way?

That is, a better way to deliver work that ticks two-and-a-half boxes in the impossible trifecta: good, fast and cheap(er than what’s on offer from the fatter, less nimble, and less specialised agencies out there today).

A better way to work with a small team of experts you know and trust – who won’t wheel out the bigwigs for the pitch then palm the work off to less experienced (and often burnt out) team members.

To cut straight to the pitch…

We’re a small team of experts with decades of experience and a stable of exceptional creative talent. Likewise, we’re selective about who we work with as clients – we don’t overstretch ourselves or underservice you.

We do it our way out of respect – for you, for the work you do and for the work we’ll do together.

Luckily for us, the only answer that matters to our once-hypothetical question is the one given by the hopefully non-hypothetical business behind door number three.

If that sounds like you, you might just be our perfect client – and the reason we started Beneath.

Help us justify our existence. Drop us a line.