Fuelling the Celonis rocketship

Fuelling the Celonis rocketship

Creating strategy, messaging and content for one of the world’s fastest-growing brands in B2B tech

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Celonis is one of the most successful B2B tech companies of this generation (and many generations to come, if their master plan works out). The German-born decacorn has become the global leader in what’s known as process mining – turning an academic pursuit into a multi-billion dollar enterprise superpower.

Along the way, they’ve created a whole new category of technology called the Execution Management System. This is a solution that combines process mining, AI and automation to remove inefficiencies and unlock the highest levels of performance in any business.

Since starting work with Celonis in the middle of 2020, we’ve seen the rocketship accelerate even more, and we’re proud to have pumped a little fuel into their thrusters.

Here’s what we’ve worked on with the super-smart team of Celonauts so far.

Bespoke brand artwork created for Celonis by B2B Tech agency Beneath

Strategy and messaging

At Beneath, we’re used to helping tech businesses chart a course. But Celonis know exactly where they’re heading. Having created the EMS category, they’re aiming to make it as ubiquitous as Microsoft Office. (Sounds ambitious? Don’t bet against them.)

But every brand positioning must evolve, even in pursuit of a fixed vision. And when you’re serving as many industries and use cases as Celonis, it takes a lot of work to create messaging that flexes enough to be both compelling and coherent.

That’s where Beneath has been able to offer some help. Working closely with the Celonis team, we’ve developed messaging and content across a number of sales plays and channels. Some highlights:

Video and design exploration

The Celonis brand has a very cool, almost-monochrome look and feel. It’s understated but impactful. Classy yet playful. (Props to Christian Flaccus and his team.)

So some of our most rewarding work at Beneath has been to support Celonis with design exploration, applying their brand-as-a-movement philosophy to an ever-growing catalog of digital and video content.

We particularly liked the animations we created both for shortform social and for longer explainer-style videos. Some were data-driven, some were more story-driven, but all of them helped to strengthen the brand’s video output.

Demand-generation campaigns

You don’t achieve an $11 billion valuation and become New York and Germany’s most valuable startup without setting yourself some pretty aggressive sales targets. Celonis’ demand-gen teams, charged with delivering a truly astronomical pipeline (think billions of dollars), know they need to go to market with a high-scale, tightly coordinated portfolio of campaigns.

At Beneath, we’ve focused on crafting a range of marketing and sales-enablement content assets to help drive a number of these sales plays.

Content rollout featuring landing page and digital ebooks for Celonis by B2B Tech agency Beneath

What our client had to say

“Beneath are invaluable strategic and creative partners. They understand our brand, keep pace with our evolution, and are at home with our level of ambition. And they always, always deliver stellar work. They’re absolutely an extension of our team, and long may that continue!”

— Costanza Scarpa, Global Director of Content Marketing at Celonis