Helping a tech startup hone its positioning and messaging

Helping a tech startup hone its positioning and messaging

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Kiplot helps enterprises manage change and become more agile. The founders came to us looking for help to evolve their startup brand and achieve a more grown-up (but still fresh) B2B feel.

They also wanted to swap their product-focused marketing style for a more content-driven approach that would cater to the interests of their target audience: the change-makers in charge of project portfolios at mid-sized enterprises.

But it soon became clear that what was needed first and foremost was a solid foundation of brand positioning and messaging.

Positioning and messaging – a foundation for growth

We can’t show you the strategy iceberg beneath the surface. But we can tell you that during our intensive input process – which featured interviews with the Kiplot team, customers and investors – we were able to refine key elements of their story including:

  • Kiplot’s positioning in terms of category (as well as the differentiators that set it apart from competitive alternatives)
  • Capturing a moment of change in the audience’s world then setting out how Kiplot is the best (the only) solution to help them manage this change and succeed
  • A value proposition and other messaging outputs like elevator pitch and tagline
  • Developing new themes, concepts and copy
  • Brand personality and tone of voice
  • Other insights and nuggets we unearthed and polished along the way
New brand positioning and messaging for tech startup Kiplot by B2B Tech agency Beneath

A touch-up for the brand’s visual language

The Kiplot team had a nice way of describing the kind of look they were aiming for visually – “fresh B2B”. They wanted to reflect their transition from young startup to serious player supporting major fintechs and financial services organisations.

So our design team helped by applying existing brand elements to new content in a more restrained, mature way – without losing any of the Kiplot feel.

Brand refresh including updated graphic language and photography style for tech startup Kiplot by B2B Tech agency Beneath

Putting it to work – marketing and sales-enablement content

The great thing about working with a company that deals in agility and lean management is that ideas are tested and validated (or discarded) quickly. From one catchup to the next, the team would tell us they’d road-tested some messaging in a meeting and here’s what worked and what didn’t.

Pretty soon, we had a really strong story we could roll out across all the usual destinations: on the website, in presentation decks, and in other sales, marketing and events collateral.

Execution of presentation and event materials for tech startup Kiplot by B2B Tech agency Beneath

The results are in – the new Kiplot story is working

In the 12 months before Beneath worked with Kiplot, they generated zero inbound leads through their website. Just one month after rolling out the new and improved story on the site, Kiplot has had four inbound leads, and counting…

“The Beneath team were great to work with. They really got to grips with our offering. They challenged our assumptions, connected the dots and brought a creative perspective that helped us build a sharper story to go to market with – and it’s already working.”

— David Edwards, Co-founder & CEO, Kiplot